Media Centre of Baust-Materialflusssysteme

Videos for pallet changers, drum palletizers and pallet turners

High quality material flow systems for a successful transportation and logistics management – that is the hallmark of Baust. Specifically tailored to the needs of the customer, our company provides you a wide range of products, which streamlines your workflow.

In our media centre, you will find videos that explain you our pallet changers, drum palletizers and pallet turners. They also explain you the workflow with our material flow systems. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any further questions.

PW 500

Baust pallet exchanger PW 500

Pallet inverter PW 600 Inline

Baust pallet inverter PW 600 Inline

Pallet inverter PW 600

Baust pallet inverter PW 600

Pallet inverter PW 700

 Pallet inverter PW 700

PW 800

Baust pallet exchanger PW 800

PW 1000

Baust pallet exchanger PW 1000

PW 2000

Baust pallet exchanger PW 2000

PW 3000

Baust pallet exchanger PW 3000

PW 4000

Baust pallet changer PW 4000

PW 5000

Baust pallet exchanger PW 5000

PW 6000

Baust pallet exchanger PW 6000

Drum palletizer FP 4000

Drum palletizer FP 4000

Pallet turner PT

Pallet turner PT