Centering device

Professionalizing palletizing with a centering machine

An optimal material flow is a very important goal for all businesses that work with pallets. A centering device can help to work more effectively and thus economically as it increases the flow process enormously. As an expert for pallet management, Baust has developed a variety of product solutions, which create workflows quickly and efficiently. Take advantage of these years of expertise!

Centering device by Baust

  • centering of pallets and goods from two sides
  • integrates with roller conveyors
  • compatible with other system elements
  • improves subsequent processing through its precise positioning
  • low space requirements
  • for empty pallets and loaded pallets up to 5t

Successful palletizing management in practice

A company in food industry prepares its products for logistics partners. Therefore, the goods on the pallets are transported into the centering device by roller conveyors. Sidewalls move out and align the pallet first; in a second step, the goods on the pallet are lined up optimally. They are now located in a suitable position to be packed and transported. The pallet management device facilitates further processing and therefore saves time and money.

Also available as a centering machine from four sides

The simplest version of our centering machine aligns the pallet and the goods from two sides. An even more accurate palletizing system is the Baust all-sides centering station. With this centering machine, the products and the pallets are pushed from four sides to bring it in an even more precise final position. The result is a higher level in stabilizing and packaging quality.

Pictures of the centering device