All-sides centring stations from Baust Materialflusssysteme

Optimum logistics management for pallets from Baust

Efficient material flow systems are an important area of logistics management. Through the use of high-quality machines, it is possible to transport goods elements to the desired destination inside a company and in addition improve the safety and efficiency of the packaged goods on the pallets. All-sides centring stations from Baust play a decisive role here. Even you can secure the benefits of our products and improve your logistics and warehouse management.

Your benefits of having Baust all-sides centring stations at a glance

All-sides centring stations are suitable for all companies that use pallets. With the innovative product, you will enjoy the following benefits in your company:

  • gentle positioning of packaged goods and pallets
  • better pallet safety and packing quality
  • reduced packing costs
  • economical handling
  • hydraulically or pneumatically driven
  • low space requirements
  • easier, automatic depalletising
  • safe transport
  • less packaging material
  • over- and under-palletisation options

All-sides centring station: can be used in all industry sectors that work with pallets

As an expert for material flow systems, Baust has effective and above all economic solutions when it comes to positioning packaged goods. The all-sides centring station that we developed helps companies from a great variety of industries to achieve sustainable results concerning all-sides centring of a great variety of packaged goods on pallets. We are at work for you in the paper and printing industry, mechanical engineering industry, automotives, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

Individual solutions: gentle positioning of your goods - regardless of the type of goods

A decisive advantage through Baust products: Your goods are positioned by our all-sides centring station in a way that is gentle on the products. Even for pallets up to 1.5 tons, we are a provider that will stand by your side and provide a cost-effective solution. Your product elements are centred on heavy-duty pallets by means of pneumatics or hydraulics. In addition, the standard range of centring stations is designed for Euro pallets as well as for industrial pallets. However, solutions for customised pallets are also possible. Hence, we offer you effective logistics management that is tailored to your production processes.

All-sides centring stations for pallets: Baust has the answer!

When looking for process optimisation for your warehouse and logistics management, you have struck gold with Baust Materialflusssysteme. Our all-sides centring stations secure a competitive edge for companies that use pallets by optimally preparing the respective goods for upcoming operations. To you, this means lower packing costs, less space required as well as better pallet securing and packing quality. The result is lower costs for your company.


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Centring station
Centring station

Centring stations from Baust Materialflusssysteme

Our products for logistics management can be used in the greatest variety of industries - anywhere where pallets are used. If you are not sure whether Baust centring stations come into question for your company, then give us a call or send us your inquiry using the contact form.