Pallet aligner PA-EURO

Pallet squaring becomes fast and easy

A common issue in storage and logistic areas: Uneven pallet stacks occur because of transportation and sloppy stacking. Those stacks are difficult to move with a forklift and not suitable for the integration in logistic systems or pallet magazines. Work accidents and operating troubles are the potential consequences of this problem. The solution: With the Baust pallet aligner the straightening of pallet stacks becomes gentle, fast and easy. The new development made in Langenfeld/Germany is suited for stacks with up to 15 empty pallets.

Pallet aligning with Baust's brand-new solution

With the pallet aligner PA-EURO Baust provides an useful plug & play machine for your company. An operator loads the squaring machine via pallet truck or forklift. Then he pushes the button - and instantly a pressure wall swivels out and evenly presses the whole pallet stack against the opposing side and back wall. In this way pallet stack straightening is just a matter of seconds. After the process the operator can unload the pallet aligner. Due to the special pressure wall, the pallet aligning works both lengthwise and crosswise.

The Baust pallet aligner PA-EURO: All advantages at a glance

  • Suited for stacks with up to 15 pallets
  • Reduces the risks of accidents and operating troubles
  • Gentle pallet aligning - lengthwise and crosswise
  • Available for different types of pallets
  • Maximum weight of pallet stack: 375 kg
  • Useful plug & play solution for easy assembly
  • Loading via pallet truck or forklift

Pallet squaring with Baust

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