Pallet changer PW 500

Repalleting simply done

Exchanging pallets does not automatically involve a great deal of effort or high costs. The Baust PW 500 works using a clamping method. This is the most inexpensive solution for palleted robust goods.

Features of the pallet changer

  • simple procedure
  • for robust goods
  • reliable even with poor pallet quality
  • goods remain stable, no tilting or rotation
  • Plug & Play operation
  • constructed for use with a manual pallet truck

Pallet changing with the PW 500

Pallet changing could not be less complicated. The goods are placed in the PW 500 pallet changer using a manual or electrical pallet truck. The load is then firmly clamped on both sides by side walls. The pallet is lowered and withdrawn to be replaced by a new pallet. The only requirements: The goods must be flush loaded, be non-sensitive and be able to withstand side pressure. The PW 500 is ideal for pallet changing goods like cardboard boxes, Tetra-Packs or boxes. The pallet changer has no problem with badly damaged pallets or goods that overhang the sides of the pallet.

We recommend the pallet changer PW 500 for up to 25 changes per hour.

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