Pallet changing with top performance

The PW 6000 from Baust is ideal when large quantities of pallets on which highly sensitive goods is stored have to be exchanged. Even fragile goods such as glass or vaccination vials can gently change pallets. The PW 6000 is the highest performing pushing method pallet changer.

Features of the pallet changer

  • highest performing pallet changer
  • can be integrated into conveyor line
  • ideally suited for highly sensitive goods
  • sliding plates and flexible side walls
  • completely automated
  • loading using a forklift truck or conveyor line

Pallet changing with the PW 6000

Although the PW 6000 is the highest performing changer in the Baust range it offers all the advantages related to the gentle pushing method. This means it is ideal even with sensitive goods and where there are gaps in the load configuration. The pallet changer can be fully integrated into completely automated material flow systems. Sliding plates ensure that the load is gently transferred to the target pallet. For high performing material flow systems Baust offers efficient enhancements: The pallet magazine regulates the feeding and storing of the pallets; cover sheet applicators and collectors ensure the product is protected from rough pallets and an automated mid-centering device reliably positions the pallets. The most noteworthy feature of this pallet changer:

We recommend the PW 6000 for up to 60 changes per hour.

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