Pallet inverter PW 800 Inline

Pallet changer PW 800 Inline

The tilting method with top performance

The pallet changer PW 800 Inline offers a tilting method which has maximum automation and changing performance. The integration in further conveyor technology with additional components such as pallet magazines or packaging machines is possible quite easily. The conveyor integrated into the changer can be fitted either with a roller conveyor for lengthwise transport or a chain conveyor for crosswise transport.

Features of the pallet changer

  • Tilting method integrated in the conveyor line
  • Extended tilting angle up to 135° ideal for bags and Big-Bags
  • No hydraulic: 100% free of leakages
  • Reliable even with bad pallet quality & many pallet dimensions –
  • Lengthwise or crosswise feeding and discharging
  • Alignment of over and underpalletized goods is possible

Pallet changing with the PW 800 Inline

The PW 800 Inline owns all functions of the stand-alone pallet changer PW 800. Only the loading and unloading is different due to the following conveyor technology. The loaded source pallet is conveyed into the changer and gripped by the pallet clamp. The walls securely enclose the goods from the top and both sides. A backwards tilting procedure by 100 to 135° follows and only the empty pallet is tilted back to conveyor level and removed. The new pallet comes in and is moved up to the goods. At the end, the new loaded pallet is tilted back onto the conveyors. This is how pallet change using the tilting method looks like with top performance.

We recommend the pallet changer PW 800 Inline for 30 to 40 changes per hour.

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