Pallet inverter PW 800

Pallet changer PW 800

The flexible tilting method

With the PW 800 from Baust, the pallet change is done by a backward tilting movement. The pallet changer PW 800 with side walls and pallet clamp is ideal for unsecured loads such as, e.g. drums, sacks or big-bags. A particular feature of this pallet changer using the tilting method is the ergonomic operation on floor level both for the loaded and empty pallets. For this reason, the new pallet does not have to be placed on top of the goods.

Features of the pallet changer

  • Flexible tilting method with side walls and pallet clamp
  • For drums and other unsecured goods
  • No hydraulic: 100% free of leakages
  • Reliable even with bad pallet quality & many pallet dimensions
  • Loading on floor level for hand pallet truck
  • Alignment of over and under palletized goods is possible

Pallet changing with the PW 800

The PW 800 from Baust is used, if many different sized pallets or pallets with poor quality have to be handled ergonomically near to the floor level. The goods are clamped from the top and two sides and then tilted backward by 100 to 135 degrees. The source pallet moves back automatically and can be removed with a pallet truck and exchanged by the new pallet. The new pallet is raised up again and then tilted back with the goods. This means that lifting and moving the pallets by hand is omitted, a fact which makes the PW 800 very user friendly. Operation of the PW 800 is automatic with the necessary safety technology. Pallet changing with the tilting method could not be more comfortable.

We recommend the pallet changer PW 800 for 10 to 20 changes per hour.

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