Pallet inverter PW 800 E

Pallet changer PW 800 E

Pallet tilter in the economy version

The proven tilting method of the pallet changer PW 800 is available in another version: the pallet changer PW 800 E. Both models use the tilting method and incline the goods backwards. The difference between the two models: while the PW 800 is fitted with side walls and pallet clamp, the PW 800 E is used without these components. It is therefore ideal for tilting stable and secured goods. The PW 800 E is fitted with a pure electrical drive and doesn’t need any pneumatic or hydraulic energy. In addition, the PW 800 E offers all advantages of the tilting method, such as, e.g. a very ergonomic pallet handling near to the floor level.

Features of the pallet changer

  • Simplified pallet change using the tilting method
  • Ideal for tilting stable goods such as cardboard boxes or secured goods
  • Low-maintenance and low-noise electrical drive without the danger of leakages
  • Empty pallet exchange possible in different positions
  • Suitable for bad pallet qualities and many different sized pallets
  • Loading and unloading possible from 3 sides

Pallet changing with the PW 800 E

The PW 800 E is the ideal pallet changer for locations with limited space. On the one hand due to its space-saving design. On the other hand, the PW 800 E does not need any side walls. This means that it can be loaded and unloaded comfortably from 3 sides. An important advantage especially when there is little space available.

The pallet change with the PW 800 E is simple and ergonomic: At the beginning the goods are held from above, before the pallet changer tilts it backwards. After returning the empty pallet, this can be comfortably exchanged against the target pallet. Pallet handling is always done ergonomically near floor level. The pallet can be removed in individually adjustable positions.

We recommend the pallet changer PW 800 E for 10 to 20 changes per hour.

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