Pallet changers from Baust

Safe pallet changing in every branch of industry

Baust offers a wide choice of high performance machines in the field of pallet changers. No matter how varied the differing fields of application are, the Baust pallet changers are simple to operate, treat the goods gently and offer the highest safety standards. Whatever the focus, whether it is the adherence to strict hygiene regulations in the pharmaceutical or food industry, or the trouble-free operation in warehouse and logistics management, the Baust pallet changers are used in a wide variety of industries. In order to meet with the requirements of the different branches of industry Baust´s selection of pallet changers offers four different methods: Pallet changing using clamping, inverting, tilting or pushing.

Pallet changing with Baust offers your company many advantages:

  • quick transfer from wooden pallets to aluminum or plastic pallets and vice versa
  • simple replacement of damaged pallets
  • high performance pallet exchange: up to 60 changes per hour
  • lower packing costs, improved process reliability
  • pallet changer also available for clean room areas
  • automatic and semi-automatic versions
  • various options for the pallet changer’s adaptation to individual requirements


PW 500

  • side clamping of the goods
  • simplest and cheapest option for particularly robust goods
  • ideal for the pallet exchange of cardboard boxes and cases
  • lowering of the pallet
  • loading using a hand pallet truck
  • up to 25 changes per hour


PW 1000 - PW 6000

  • pushing of the goods to a lowered target pallet
  • particularly gentle treatment of the goods
  • ideal for sensitive goods
  • safe pallet exchange even with gaps in the load configuration
  • both Plug & Play as well as integration in conveyor technology available
  • highest performance: up to 60 changes per hour

Inverting/ tilting

PW 600 - PW 800

  • rotating the goods between 90° and 360° or by tilting 100°
  • ideal for the pallet exchange of bagged goods
  • reliable even with poor pallet quality
  • overhang of merchandise presents no problem
  • suitable for many different sized pallets
  • up to 20 changes per hour

Individual: Pallet changer in different versions

Every company has different requirements for the pallet exchange of their goods. That is why Baust has developed various versions of the pallet changer – all of them with specific fields of operation and strengths. For more precise details please click on the corresponding pallet changer

  • Pallet changer PW 500 using the clamping method
    The PW 500 offers the simplest and accordingly cheapest option for pallet changing suitable for insensitive goods which are particularly robust. This basic pallet changer can process up to 25 changes per hour

  • Pallet changer PW 800 using the tilting method
    A particular feature of the PW 800 is its ground level, ergonomic handling of the pallets. The target pallet does not have to be placed on top of the goods. The PW 800 tilts the load backwards by 100° and can process between 10 and 20 changes per hour.

The PW 1000 to 3000 pallet changers using the pushing method are stand-alone-elements. This means that they are not connected to a conveyor line and can be loaded by a pallet truck.

  • Pallet changer PW 1000
    The PW 1000 is the basic pallet changer in this range utilising the pushing method. Especially convincing: the practical Plug & Play design and simple operation. This modern machine can process between 10 and 30 changes per hour.

  • Pallet changer PW 2000
    The PW 2000 with its flexible side walls and sliding plates is particularly suitable for highly sensitive goods. It is fully automated. 10 to 30 changes per hour are possible.

  • Pallet changer PW 3000
    The PW 3000 can be loaded both from the front and rear. This makes it especially suitable when working with a sluice system. The pallet changer can process 10 to 30 changes per hour.

The PW 4000 to 6000 pallet changers with their pushing method are best integrated in material flow systems.

  • Pallet changer PW 4000
    The PW 4000 is a true space saver thanks to its compact design and single access feeding. The space saving machine processes 20 to 40 changes per hour.

  • Pallet changer PW 5000
    The PW 5000 is indispensable in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The pallet changer can be loaded from both ends and be utilised as a sluice in clean room environments requiring hygienic separation. Thus the material flow system is extremely efficient, processing 30 to 40 changes per hour.

  • Pallet changer PW 6000
    Ideal when pallet changing is required for large quantities of highly sensitive goods. The PW 6000 can be integrated in fully automated material flow systems. Optional pallet magazines ensure the timely preparation of the empty pallets. Thus the PW 6000 can process up to 60 changes per hour.

Further information about our products

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