Effective pallet management with a powerful palletizer

When stacking pallets, space-saving solutions are required. If they are stacked in a conventional manner, the company wastes plenty of storage and cargo space. If the pallets are stacked nested, however, more pallets can be stored and transported. The company Baust has developed a handling system for the optimization in pallet management, which improves these processes significantly: the pallet turner.

Facts about the pallet turner

  • dispenses and collects pallets of various sizes
  • can even grip overturned pallets
  • simultaneously turns and centres pallets
  • saves shipping space and inconvenient re-stacking as pallets can be processed in stacks
  • for up to 25 pallets
  • optical pallet size recognition
  • leakproof due to pneumatic or electric systems
  • robust, durable and long-lasting

Pallet management in the food industry

For a mid-sized company in the food industry, Baust-Materialflusssysteme planned and designed a pallet turner with attached conveyor technology. The process is as follows: Integrated light barriers in the palletizer recognize the pallet size. Then two pneumatically movable gripper arms take the pallet from the side. The pallet turner centers it and, if necessary, rotates it by 180 degrees. The pallet is now fully prepared and can be handed over in a central orientation to the conveyor system. Further processing steps, for example the loading of the pallet, are now possible.

Many years of experience in pallet management

Benefit from our expertise in the field of pallet handling. Both our pallet turner as well as our other palletizers, such as the pallet changer, is a customized solution to increase your company’s productivity. Talk to us: We would be pleased to advise you in a personal conversation.

Pictures of the pallet turner

PalettenwenderPallet turnerPallet turnerPallet turner
Pallet turner
Pallet turner
Pallet turner

Videos of the pallet turner

Pallet turner PT

Pallet turner PT