BAUST Applications


Pallet transport for your individual needs
Baust offers a huge number of pallet transport components that guarantee you optimum performance, product care and the highest security. They are constructed with the greatest care for your precise individual needs. Detailed solutions, for example accessible roller conveyors of only 90-mm in height or roller conveyors of high-grade steel for areas with corrosive chemicals, address our customers’ individual requirements. Extremely quiet operation, directional stability and longevity are common to our pallet transport technology as are soft-start, two-directional operation and high transport weights. Please use the enquiry form to request further information about our roller conveyors, chain conveyors, transfer units, turntables, elevators, lifting stations, centring devices, distribution trolleys and control modules.
Solutions für careful handling of drums
With our drum palletizer and our roller conveyor, you transport your drums extremely economically and, above all, safely. Our particularly safe method using slide plates reliably avoids damage to your drums. Damage to the drums caused by falling and dents caused by lateral supports are reliably avoided by design. Different pallet types, varying numbers of drums and the option complete automation are some of the further advantages of our robust systems. You can find more information under drum transport.
Safe conveyance of mesh boxes
Our material flow systems are optimally applicable for mesh box transport. Extreme weights and the high resistance to wear and tear offer you decisive advantages as regards economic efficiency. Additionally, all measurements and specifications are individually adaptable, including a considerable number of special solutions which only Baust can offer. With our decades of experience we can access a huge number of complete design solutions and can offer you, in many areas, exceptionally economical modifications to standard solutions. Examples of this include roller conveyors with very narrow roller spacing and chain conveyors with overlapping chain tracks. Boxes of varying different dimensions can also be transported. You can find more information about mesh boxing transport on the enquiry page.
Specialist solutions for transporting long goods
Baust offers you individual transport solutions for transporting long goods. For such challenging special cases, we offer you comprehensive, individual solutions with the highest level of automation and the highest transport security. We are happy to provide you with relevant references and previous projects. You can also find more information under long goods transport.
Container transport solutions from Baust
High throughput, special transport security and high quality in implementation distinguish our individual container transport solutions. Talk to us about your individual requirements for design-engineered solutions. We are happy to provide you with relevant references. You can also find more information under container transport.