Baust Products

Engineering­ state-of-the-art

Baust products are reliable and innovative systems to increase your profitability. Individual solutions with extensive engineering based on a large modular system ensure continuous maximum performance in your processes.

No matter whether clamping, pushing, turning or tilting: Everything is possible with the pallet changers from Baust.
The pallet aligner PA-EURO is used to center inclined pallet stacks again.
Fully automated centering of goods or pallets from 4 sides.
Storage and transport up to 25 m in height: Vertical conveyors allow this space-saving variant.

Other products by Baust

Fast, efficient and space-saving for flexible processes.
Automatic palletizing of drums on pallets: That is how smart solutions look like.
Can be used for various pallet types and dimensions.
Effective pallet management with a powerful palletizer.
Stack or unstack faster, more accurate and safer loaded pallets.
The slip sheet dispenser is the ideal addition for each automated palletizing system.
Coordinated basic components for your conveyor line of Baust material flow systems.
Tailor-made automation and state-of-the-art control technology.
Controls runners, pallet material as well as pallet heights, widths and lengths.
Our team determines your individual requirements and und recommends proven solutions.
Individual engineering, logistics competence and reliability are our strengths.

Continuous product development and individual solutions made to measure

Often it is not the proven ways that lead you to success. Rather, it is the individual paths one takes to search for solutions that will advance you and your company and give you noticeable advantages in the market. Continuous product development is our passion, the exact implementation of your requirements is our competence. Take us at our word and challenge us!