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Pallet changers

Safe pallet changing in every branch of industry

Baust offers a wide choice of high performance machines in the field of pallet changers. No matter how varied the differing fields of application are, the Baust pallet changers are simple to operate, treat the goods gently and offer the highest safety standards. Whatever the focus, whether it is the adherence to strict hygiene regulations in the pharmaceutical or food industry, or the trouble-free operation in warehouse and logistics management, the Baust pallet changers are used in a wide variety of industries.

Baust Pallet changers

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clamping method

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  • clamping of the goods from both sides
  • simplest and cheapest variant for robust goods
  • ideal for palletizing cardboard boxes and crates
  • lowering and changing the pallet by manual pallet truck or hub roller conveyor
  • performance: up to 50 changes per hour

tilting and inverting method

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  • inverting of the goods by 90 to 360° or tilting by 92 to 135°
  • ideal for palletizing bagged goods and big bags
  • overhang of goods no problem
  • reliable even with poor pallet quality and different pallet dimensions
  • performance: up to 40 changes per hour

pushing method

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  • pushing the goods onto a lower target pallet
  • particularly gentle handling of the transported goods
  • ideal for sensitive goods 
  • safe palletizing in case of incomplete loading and stacking with gaps
  • performance: up to 60 changes per hour
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